Cleaning instructions for person moving out

Before moving out, the apartment has to be cleaned so well, that a new tenant can move in without cleaning him/herself.  If cleaning is entirely or partly neglected, the costs of the cleaning will be charged from person’s collateral or invoiced afterwards. You have right and chance to be present in the apartment inspection, find out when it will be held.

When cleaning pay attention to things wroted below:


  • Wash up all surfaces of the cupboards and the drawers.
  • Wash up table tops, faucets and kitchen sinks and take off the limes/precipitates.
  • Clean up all surfaces of the stove and cooker hood. Be sure to wash the oven hoods, grilles and hood grease filter, check the stove’s back, and clean up if necessary.
  • Dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator and freezer must be cleaned and defrosted. Leave the doors open to prevent odours. If possible, move refrigerator out of its place and clean/vacuum the background.
  • Ensure when detaching the dishwasher or the washing machine that the drain outlet pipe and water supply pipe is plugged!

Bathroom/toilet and sauna:

  • Toilet bowl, sink, mirrors and shelves must be washed up from all of their surfaces and disinfected if it’s possible
  • Walls and floors must be washed and glue marks from velcro hooks must be removed if it’s possible. Clean the floor drains also!
  • Possible limes must be taken off from all surfaces (faucets, shower walls, tiles) if it is possible.
  • Ventilation valves must be inspected and cleaned if necessary.
  • Sauna’s seats and benches must be washed. Wash the glass door of the sauna too!

Other rooms:

  • All off the wall surfaces must be washed so that the surfaces are free from dust and smudges.
  • The floors must be vacuumed and washed.
  • The windows must be washed entirely (including spaces) when you are moving out. In winter when it is frost, wash the interiors of the windows only.
  • Clear out all belongings from the apartment and storage. Wipe and sweep the storage floor and shelves.
  • Courtyards, balcony or other living area of the apartment must be clean up and make sure that it is in a tidy condition.
  • Also check that all of the lamps and bulbs, which are integral parts of the apartment, are in working order, ceiling boxes are in places and there is a battery in the smoke alarm.


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