Tips for moving out

Final cleaning

A person moving out have to clear out all belongings from the apartment and clean it too, including the storage, see The Cleaning Instructions. Discarded old furniture, household machines, bikes etc. which person is not going to take with has to be delivered to the town’s rubbish dumb or the Recycling center.

If cleaning is entirely or partly neglected, the costs of the cleaning will be charged from person’s deposit money or invoiced afterwards.

If in the waste disposal bins are submitted other than domestic waste, we’re going to charge off the cost of the transport from the person moving out.

The keys

All received keys must be returned to the office no later than the last day of the management. The apartment is handed over to the owner when the keys have been returned. If all of the keys are not returned, we will charge the tenant from the lock re-serialization costs.

Apartment’s inspection

The inspection reveals the apartment’s current condition and any flaws that are not caused by normal living. Tenant has the opportunity to be involved in the inspection, if he/she so choose. The apartment must be empty and cleaned out before inspection.

Pay attention to

The roof boxes and curtain holders belongs to the apartment and the tenant have to leave them in place when moving out. Any missing roof box will be charged.

The window openers and any antenna cables must be left in the apartment.

Remember to plug in an extraction pipe joint and a water pipe which goes to the sewer when you unfasten the dishwasher and washing machine. Plug the washing machine’s extraction pipe joint under the sink too.

The deposit money

Deposit money is returned when the apartment has been checked. The deposit will be returned in full if the tenant hasn’t any payments to accomplish, all keys have been returned, the apartment has been cleaned and in perfect condition. Deposit is returned about two weeks.

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