Instructions with disturbance situations

Situations of disturbing life are always examined on a case-by-case and reports of interference are treated confidentially. The rules of our tenant guide provide a good guide to how to live. Behavior is disruptive when it is repetitive and differs from ordinary living. It is worth remembering that as the holder of the apartment the tenant is also responsible for the disturbance caused by the guests.

Disturbance situations:

  1. When you detect a disturbance, write it down: what kind of disturb it was, date and the time when it happened, and who caused it.
  2. If the disturb is continuous or recurring, talk to your neighbor. Often, conversation alone may be enough, because the resident does not necessarily realize that he is disturbing neighbors.
  3. Remember your safety. In situations of violence, it is advisable to call the police.
  4. If a conversation with a neighbor does not help, please make a written statement to or via electric announcement link at our homepage and / or contact our office 044-7107379.
  5. The landlord’s representative assesses whether the situation should be addressed and will the person be notified about the disturbance.
  6. A note or warning is given to the person causing the disturbance. If the disruption continues despite the warnings, the lease will be terminated.