Kiinteistö Oy Kummatti`s rental apartments in Pattijoki are in row houses and two-storey row houses. The apartments are located in areas Perälä and Eskelinen and we have also rental apartments near school Pattanen and in the center of Pattijoki.

Near our rental houses there are many municipal day-care centers and group family day-cares. Pattijoki`s service range includes among other things school of Pattanen, which are next to library. The distance between Pattijoki and Raahe is about 7 kilometers.

Rental apartments in area Eskelinen:

  • Pihlajakukantie 7 and 10
  • Vaahteratie 1 and 2
  • Eskelisentie 2
  • Haapatie 4
  • more information

Rental apartments in area Perälä

The other rental apartments located in Pattijoki

Presentation of the rental apartments located in Pattijoki can be found here pdf.